The Power of Technology: 7 Greatest Military Inventions
A surprising amount of inventions that were originally created for military use can also be used by everyday adventurers, preppers and technology enthusiasts. Here, we take a look at some of the greatest new inventions from the past decade.
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No invention, earth-shaking idea from India in 60 years: Narayana Murthy
Such minds create new ideas. Focus on learning concepts. What is learning? To me, it is the ability to extract generic inferences from specific instances, and use them to solve new and unstructured problems. After all, education is about learning to learn.
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Carlos Chávez, Mexican Modernist
These inventions of the “Mexican” allowed Mr. Chávez to capitalize on the vogue for Mexican culture in the United States and secured him a lasting relationship with New York, where he maintained an apartment across from Lincoln Center. But Mr. Chávez …
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