Numerous inventions have been of wonderful use to the mankind and created the science and technical progress considerably. But the fantastic inventions did not aid the inventors themselves and didn’t make them satisfied though they changed the whole world. Gum In the XVIII century rubber was introduced to Europeans. It was not regarded a very valuable material very first given that it would melt when it is hot and break into pieces when it is cold. Charles Nelson Goodyear studied the properties of rubber to create a new material. He wasted all the cash he had on the chemical agents and rubber although he had currently produced massive debts by that time. He invented the technology of vulcanization by likelihood when he threw the mixture of rubber and sulfur into the oven. This invention was patented by other individuals, and Charles Goodyear died penniless. Pressure-cooker Denis Papin invented the stress-cooker in 1679 and it has not changed significantly given that that time. Denis Papin assisted several other researchers of that time. The pressure-cooker (or digester as the inventor known as it) was his 1st try to make an invention of his personal. Although the invention appeared to be a success, it was not popular. Denis Papin went to Germany where he continued his research of steam. He even succeeded to create the initial steamboat but got ruined and died soon afterwards. Cardan Shaft Girolamo Cardano was the Italian medic and astrologist. His life was marked by many failures. He foretold the date of his death and was incorrect, so he had to place it off. His young children became criminals. He was accused of plagiarism in his research of algebra and imprisoned for making the horoscope of Christ. But he managed to invent the mechanism which became the basis for gyroscope and cardan shaft which did not change considerably given that that time.

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