The Week's Top Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Mobile Apps
We have a week to go until the next big tech event of the year. CES has been and gone, so it's time to head to the more mobile-orientated MWC in Barcelona. What are we going to see? Probably a decent chunk of VR-related stuff. More info on the release …
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Burger King has its 'iPad moment,' announces two hot dog SKUs
Last night, Burger King announced one the biggest changes to its product lineup since chicken: a hot dog — two different SKUs of hot dogs, to be exact. Yes, we now live in a world in which hotdogs have SKUs, and tech is everything, even our lunch.
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Apple 'iPad Air 3' coming soon, report says
In an effort to breathe life into the iPad, Apple introduced the giant iPad Pro last September, its most ambitious attempt to offer a laptop replacement to date. The iPad Pro has a 13-inch display (like many laptops), offers laptop-like performance …
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