Tom Brady's choice to ditch cell phone 'one of the most ill-advised' decisions
In documents made public Tuesday, we learned from Brady's attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, that neither Brady nor his representation was ever informed that failing to provide his cell phone and emails would be grounds for punishment. "No one ever told his …
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Cellular phone radiation can cause cancer, other health woes, meta-study confirms
Most of us have been warned that frequent use of cellular phones will not only cause poor eyesight and problems with the fingers. There has also been a widespread, albeit unconfirmed belief that cell phones have harmful radiation that may cause cancer.
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VIDEO: Check Out Life In a Town Where Cell Phones Are Banned
In Green Bank, cell phones aren't allowed. Neither is wifi or any electromagnetic devices including microwaves. This short documentary takes you on a brief tour of the 150 person town that rests in America's National Radio Quiet Zone, created in the …
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Gawker releases Trump's cell phone number
Days after Donald Trump read aloud a Republican rival's cell phone number on national television, the real-estate-mogul-turned-presidential-candidate is getting a taste of his own medicine. Gawker published a New York City phone number on Monday …
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