Christmas is obtaining closer, and that can only mean two items: lots of food, and plenty of entertaining. And if you fancy your self as a bit of a Nigella in the kitchen, the notion of getting capable to attempt out lots of new recipes for the duration of the festive season is an enticing one, particularly if you’ve got guests coming round to act as guinea pigs. But every chef needs the appropriate tools, so ahead of you start flambéing, sautéing and generally cooking up a storm, have a appear at our top five kitchen gadgets to aid your Christmas menu go with a bang…

1 Straightforward vegetable dicer

We all know we should get our five fruit and veg a day, specifically with all the seasonal treats floating about at Christmas, but the prep that goes with consuming vegetables can be frustrating at the end of a lengthy day. By employing a vegetable dicer, perfectly formed veg is straightforward to obtain, and you can even use it to slice potatoes into chips, or reduce fruit into manageable chunks for young youngsters. As a particular bonus, your fingers will forever be spared from a mistimed knife chop!

two Microwave egg boiler

Though one particular of the simplest kitchen tasks, anything simple like boiling an egg can feel like a mammoth undertaking on hectic mornings. Heating the water, getting the egg exactly to your liking, and of course the further washing up can all seem just too considerably like difficult operate. A microwave egg boiler, however, does all the perform for you. Pour water from the kettle into the base, add the needed number of eggs, and pop in the microwave. You can even choose how you’d like your eggs cooked.

three Knife sharpener

Looking following your tools is an imperative part of being a great cook, so a ceramic knife sharpener is a necessity for maintaining all your knives sharp and prepared for action. Ceramic tends to be harder than steel and longer-lasting, saving you money as you will not have to replace it as typically. Appear out for one particular that is suitable for each straight and serrated knives, to cut down on the gadgets you need to have.

4 Pan grabber

When you are rushing around the kitchen preparing lots of dishes, it can be effortless to get flustered and grab the nearest pan manage, only to recoil sharply as you realise how hot it is. Burns and blisters are no fun if you’ve got a lot to do, especially if you are a standard cook and this is a recurring difficulty. A pan grabber enables you to swiftly and securely choose up hot kitchen products, including pan handles, metal containers and casserole dishes with no the want for slippery and cumbersome oven gloves.

five Buffet warmer

If you are throwing a celebration this Christmas, don’t be afraid to serve hot food along with the usual nibbles. A buffet warmer permits you to keep all your food good and toasty, meaning you can really get creative in the kitchen without having worrying about cold, soggy meals. It can also be utilised in more low-essential circumstances, which means that if you fancy a cosy DVD evening with your other half, you can use the buffet warmer to preserve your popcorn fresh whilst you loosen up. The perfect warm-meals accessory.

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Christmas parties at home constantly require the host commit several hours in the kitchen, cooking for their guests. To make the process less complicated, attempt some of the time-saving kitchen gadgets accessible by way of online catalogues such as Scotts of Stow, who for example, provide everything you could need for any room in the property.

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