These are my Top 5 Must Have cool iPhone Gadgets and Accesories!:

5) Solar Charger:

4) iPhone Lenses :

3) Phillips HUE Personal Wireless Lighting:

2) iPhone Pocket Projector:

1) Celluon Laser Keyboard :

Smarty Ring saves you time by having your updates in one convenient location — and that saves your phone’s battery life!

– Real time updates from your phone — not just phone calls, and texts, but all social media!
– Program which alerts you receive (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc).
– Control your phone without ever touching it (silence calls, play music, etc).
– Simple plug and play setup.
– Suitable for day & night use.
– Not only will it control your phone but it has a clock, countdown, alarms, and more!
– Waterproof.
– 24 hour run time.
– 3 year battery life.
– Unisex.
– Comes in multiple colors.
– And more!

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