An invention is a new composition, device, or process and could be derived from a pre-existing model or thought. Furthermore, there is cultural invention, which is an revolutionary set of useful social behaviors adopted by men and women and passed on to other individuals. An invention that is novel and not obvious to other individuals skilled in the same field can get the legal protection of a patent. Let’s take an inside look at the following useful technological inventions which come from the inventive minds of normal people:


Riding on a motorbike appears like riding on a horse


These pillows become sparkling and funny thanks to the built-in LED program


The 4-wheeled bicyle of massive size is equipped with LED technique


iPad can be converted into Macintosh Classic computer???


The coat can emit light by way of LEDs for pedestrians


A gun-like camera


The camera with the transparent frame to look at all accessories


A fan with out wing named Air Multiplier can provide more wind than the typical items



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I prefer inventing new merchandise that can defend the atmosphere and can be bought at a low price tag