These drivers are getting marketed as their most innovative golf clubs for sale but. Advancements come in the form of two places, namely the mixed material composition of the driver head, and the geometry of the driver to attain a certain weight distribution. There’s no doubt the Callaway FT-i Driver is a strange seeking chap. If you hadn’t played the game before you’d swear it looks like a novelty club. So, if you happen to be utilised to wielding a far more conventional driver then the shape could be a bit off-placing.


This driver was extremely correct, for it lacked hitting energy due to the softer face material. Callaway has extended been identified for its long hitting Titanium drivers and the customer wanted both designers in a single! Introduce the Fusion Series starting with the original ERC Fusion to the Callaway FT-i Driver, Callaway higher functionality drivers have incorporated Fusion Technologies.


The FT-i attributes a bigger head than the original Fusion and the FT-five. Oh, did I overlook to mention that it is also square! This will raise the MOI and decrease the center of gravity for straighter, larger launching shots! The advances in technologies have allowed the designers at Callaway to “fuse” an whole face location of a Titanium driver to the body equivalent to the C4. This tends to make for not only a really forgiving driver, but a single that goes lengthy as properly! The technology frees nearly 50 grams of weight to be distributed to the perimeter to create a high launch low spin Callaway FT-i Driver designed for today’s golf balls. Callaway has also incorporated a new feature exactly where this weight is place in the center of the club, to the toe or to the heel. This will developed a fade or draw biased head that will be far more prone to opening or closing at influence to assist decrease or develop a various ball flight for the player.

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