A 10-year-old girl hacker CyFi finding zero-day exploit in games on iOS and Android, announcement of BlackBerry Bold 9900, super smartphone Samsung Hercules 4.five Inch or rumors of 1 unified platform for applications and cloud solutions are weekly focal tech news of the week August 7.

A 10-year-old girl hacker CyFi, also identified as pseudonym CyFi, wows the technology business as nicely as attendants at the DefCon 19 convention (occasion for hackers from around the globe) by the obtaining of zero-day exploit in games on iOS and Android devices. Reportedly, the Californian girl found the flaw around January 2011 due to the fact she felt boring with the pace of farm-style games. The ten-year-old hacker, artist and athlete is also co-founder of DEFCON Youngsters.

ten-year-old girl hacker CyFi

In the celebration of BlackBerry Globe 2011 in Orlando, USA, RIM (Research in Motion) has confirmed the BlackBerry Bold 9900 as the thinnest touchscreen BlackBerry in the globe. The smartphone’s thickness is only 10.5mm and all other functions stay the same as preceding Blackberry Bold version. The phone has dimension length 115mm and wide 66mm.

Bold 9900: The thinnest TouchScreen BlackBerry in the world


Earlier this week, Samsung announces that the super smartphone Samsung Hercules four.5 Inch will be released in August. The anticipated device is named after 1 of the strongest mythical figures in the history of human beings. The super telephone Hercules could examine with functionality of the Galaxy S2 even though standing out with the screen size.


Samsung Hercules four.five Inch

Apple is hoping to have a new iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air all operating the A6 in 2012. According to Peter Misek with Jefferies &amp Co, A6 will be the “first to such multi-device platform capable of Computer-like strength”. By merging the iOS and Mac OS X platforms, customers will be capable to optimize on an even wider range of devices.



BlackBerry Bold 9900 Hands-On


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