New York, New York (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of patented products, announces the Remote Tripping Device, an electrical patent that aims to make working with electrical circuits in homes more safe and efficient.

“The world electrical equipment sector has a market worth of $ 255 billion,” says Scott J. Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. “The global electric metering industry continues to enjoy strong growth, particularly with respect to the widespread penetration of smart meters worldwide. With utilities set to introduce new prepaid programs and expand their current range of prepaid services, software, hardware and service vendors are reacting quickly to snap up market share.”

“This electrical patent can help save lives. That is its first and foremost priority,” says Cattya Bella, Director of Product Development for World Patent Marketing. “The Remote Tripping Device is a small object that aims to do bigger things. It will help workers stay safe when working on circuitry inside homes, buildings, and it will also protects structures from damage and fires.”

The future of electricity regulation is prepared for a big change. As of now, there is a huge clash in ideas between old and new. Newer technologies are changing both supply and demand for power since renewable sources are becoming more competitive and readily available. At the same time, consumers are now adapting smart thermostats which adjust how much power appliances consume. This reduces the need of power significantly, and this is a why a huge shift is needed to adapt to this ever-changing system.

The standard American house still uses the old system where the circuit breaker is tripped if something exceeds the power usage and shorts the whole system. This is a fail-safe tool which helps prevent unwanted accidents. For electricians or anyone tinkering with the circuitry of the house, this electrical patent is a godsend. The Remote Tripping Device does the exact same thing a circuit breaker does. However, it is more convenient to use since you just plug it into a nearby outlet and it will act as a circuit breaker for that specified area.

“This electrical patent is an all-in-one gadget that every electrician should have in their toolkit at all times,” says inventor William R. “It not only renders the circuit powerless but it makes sure that the circuitry isn’t damaged in the process. On top of being a remote tripping device, it is also a 120-volt detector and a pocket-sized circuit analyzer.”

Fred Stiles, an avid DIY man and blogger from New York, has this to say about the Remote Tripping Device: “It might seem to be a simple thing at first – why use this when you can simply go down to the circuit box, right? However, when you’ve been doing a lot of electrical work in the house, you’ll notice that those frequent trips eventually add up and result in damages to the circuitry and wiring.”

The Remote Tripping Device is a must-have for electricians. It makes the work faster, more efficient, and safe. World Patent Marketing is pushing to have this invention manufactured and available to anyone who works on electrical circuitry.

About World Patent Marketing

World Patent Marketing is a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of patented products. The company offers manufacturing, distribution, patent prosecution, IP valuation, licensing, trading, investment and other services. The company offers these products to independent inventors, law firms and venture capital-backed companies. The company is well known for evaluating the commercial potential of utility and other patents in the United States and around the world. The company directly engages in the business of retail, distribution and the retail sale of products.

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