New York, New York (PRWEB) March 02, 2015

World Patent Marketing, the world’s fastest growing patent and inventor services company, is set to revolutionize the food industry and shake up the James Beard Foundation with its fool-proof potato salad recipe. Dubbed as the Two Sisters Sweet Potato Salad, this food industry invention closes decades of search for a fool-proof, works-every-time salad with a fixed amount of ingredients.

“This is more then just a new recipe.” said Scott Cooper, CEO & Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, “Establishing a new following with a recipe, especially for a product like potato salad, creates an almost limitless profit opportunity. This type of food is so valuable because it is inexpensive, it is easily made in large quantities and it can be prepared in advance. In addition to the United States, there is a booming demand in Germany and Italy with their own versions.”

World Patent Marketing is challenging the James Beard Foundation to find a better potato salad. The James Beard Foundation is the premier award giving body when it comes to food and cookbook publishing in America. The yearly America’s Classics Award is a much-coveted award sought after by restaurant owners, and avidly awaited by the nation’s top food critics. Cooper is confident that this new food invention will change how the humble potato salad is prepared and served in America’s finest restaurants and dining establishments.

Carolyn H. of Mattapan, Mass. says this about her food invention: “This is not an ordinary potato salad. This is not your mother’s or grandmother’s potato salad. This is better than the potato salad served at fast food restaurants. It is a labor of love for home-style cooking, with a decidedly continental flair.”

At the same time, food enthusiasts are excited about Two Sisters Sweet Potato Salad. says ” Every home cook has her own recipe for potato salad, in much the same way that they have their own recipes for fried chicken or apple pie.” said Blogger Southern Belle from Birmingham, Alabama, “This presents its own unique problems. Home cooking sometimes cuts corners due to family finances or due to the size of the family. Adjustments are made for a big family, as it is for a small household. When the homemaker cooks for a big gathering, the proportions suddenly scale up and this makes for poor quality potato salad,”

However, the beauty of this food invention is in its science. The Two Sisters Sweet Potato Salad addresses the issue of easy to cook, standard fare which always tastes great every time it is prepared.

The basis of the potato salad as a food invention is a standard list of ingredients and their measurements. “All too often, the ingredients are not properly measured,” says Carolyn H. “Every home cook and some restaurant owners think that making a potato salad is matter of adding all the ingredients and winging it. The 2 Sisters Sweet Potato Salad has a standardized set of ingredients, and strictly measured to ensure that it tastes the same great way, each and every time.”

About World Patent Marketing

World Patent Marketing is the world’s fastest growing patent and inventor services company. The company specializes in offering high-quality and affordable patent services to inventors. The company and its employees are well known in the industry for knowledge and expertise in patent research, patent filings, patent searches, invention studies, utility patents, design patents, PCTs, European Union Patents, manufacturing, licensing and more. World Patent Marketing has received positive reviews for being a very outspoken critic of inventor’s patent troll complaints and has declared war on patent troll scams as the U.S. Congress reconsiders the Anti-Patent Troll Law. “World Patent Marketing will not allow its clients success to be jeopardized by a patent troll ripoff.” according to Scott Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing. World Patent Marketing employs and contracts with over 350 people across four continents.

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World Patent Marketing is the only patent assistance company in history to be awarded a five star review rating from Consumer Affairs, Google,Trustpilot, Shopper Approved, Customer Lobby, and World Patent Marketing has received accredited status and is an A Rated Member of the Better Business Bureau. World Patent Marketing is also a proud member of Dun and Bradstreet, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA), the South Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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